The 5th state of matter

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A new era has begun! Actually, what I found was there all the time, it only needed to be explored!

I have discoverd the 5th state of matter. Who am I? Well, let me introduce myself to you:
My name is Dr. László Körtvélyessy and I am a candidate of the Hungarian Academy of Science living in Germany. About 8 years ago, I have found one solution to solve most problems of recent Astrophysics. Sounds to big?

I have written a book called "The Electic Universe" in which I explain the theory of the electric model of the Universe.
Visit my homepage if you would like to know more about it.

This is now my third and smallest homepage but definitely the most important one. The prove of the exsistence of the 5th state can be found either at the menu "the 5th state", or you can download the text as a .doc or .pdf file.

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Dr. László Körtvélyessy